Women’s Studies and Psychoanalysis is a 2-year program aimed at studying and discussing issues of feminist theory, gender dynamics and patriarchy in psychoanalytic thinking and practice.
The program begins with an introductory historical account of women’s studies, and feminist movements, as they have developed in the Western hemisphere. Students engage in a critical review of the main theories in the field. The concepts of gender, gender roles and gender stereotypes in different cultures are also discussed through cross cultural readings. The history of women’s issues and movements in past and present Iranian society are studied as well. The program is organized in order to facilitate an active and self-reflective participation. It is meant to be both theoretically comprehensive and experientially transformative. The clinical implications of material covered in the program are also emphasized.
At the end of the program, each student will present the result of their studies (either theoretical or clinical) in the form of a research paper.