Hamava Library

Hamava library is equipped with a collection of psychoanalytical books with a classical to contemporary approach (object, intersubjective, communicative and interpersonal relations) in Farsi and English. Also, this library includes a collection of social books, sociology and novels.

Hamava Institute has also provided access to PEP articles for its users. PEP, which stands for "Psychoanalytic Electronic Press", includes the oldest to the newest published psychoanalytic journals and articles, and its mission is to continue and enrich the knowledge, research, and expansion of psychoanalytic literature. This website contains the full version of 44,000 articles and 54 books, covering virtually 100 years of psychoanalytic knowledge. Subscribers to Pep's website can also receive the complete works of Sigmund Freud (1886-1939). In addition, PEP currently has a collection of videos about psychoanalysis, many of which have been compiled and produced by reputable institutions.

To use Hamaava library, the library membership form and payment of the membership fee is sufficient, and it is not necessarily dependent on being a student in the institution.

The working hours of the library are 6 to 8 on Mondays with prior arrangement, and those interested can contact us to learn about the membership fee and benefit from the books listed on the site.