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Instructor: Nahaleh Moshtagh, PhD.

Capacity: 15

Course Start Date:27-10-2016

Course End Date:16-02-2017

Creative writing is a special way toward self-actualization within our existential limits. This course is designed for those who have a passion for writing. Participants will read and discuss the assigned papers of each class, along with sharing their own writings with other students. Students will submit a log to the instructor after each class. They are required to write on a specific topic or a clinical case in 10-20 pages as term paper.

Time: Thursdays – 11:00-13:00


Session one- 27-Oct. 2016

Barwick, N. (2003). Mad desire and feverish melancholy: Reflections on the psychodynamics of writing and presenting. British Journal of Psychotherapy. 20:59-71.


Session two- 24- Nov. 2016

Astor, J. (2005). The self-invented personality? Reflections on authenticity and writing analytic papers. Journal of Analytical Psychology, 50:415-430.


Session three – 8-Dec. 2016

Turch, R. (1995). On the capacity to be creative: a psychoanalytic exploration of writers’ block. Progress in Self Psychology, 11:243-257.


Session four – 22- Dec. 2016

Chapter 7- Gain without pain: Expressive writing and self- regulation. “The writing cure: How expressive writing promotes health and emotional well-being”.


Session five – 5-Jan. 2017

Chapter 8- Stress, expressive writing and working memory. “The writing cure: How expressive writing promotes health and emotional well-being”.


Session six- 19- Jan. 2017

Chapter 3- The contribution of narrative ideas and writing practices in theory. “Writing Cures”


Session seven- 2-Feb. 2017

Chapter 4- Reading ourselves: imagining the reader in writing process. “Writing Cures”.


Session eight – 16- Feb. 2017

Chapter 7 – From archetype to impressions: the magic of words. “Writing Cures”.