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Psychoanalytic Discourse /Discours Psychanalytique (PSYAD)



An Independent International Journal for Clinical, Theoretical and Cultural Discussion of Psychoanalysis.

Psychoanalytic Discourse is a quarterly international journal devoted to cross-disciplinary debate among theoreticians, clinicians, cultural scholars, and literary critics working within the psychoanalytic framework. The journal is an independent peer reviewed publication that strives to speak to the informed reader in psychoanalysis and is open to contributions from different schools and academic disciplines. Psychoanalytic Discourse publishes both submitted and invited manuscripts. Authors retain copyright to their work and may publish their papers elsewhere. We invite scholarly and research papers that offer new ways of understanding the unconscious dimensions of human behavior. The journal honors not only diversity of theoretical perspectives, it also encourages submissions of empirical work with diverse methodological orientations.

PSYCHOANALYTIC DISCOURSE, PSYAD is a sister journal of the EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF PSYCHOANALYSIS, ESP. http://www.journal-psychoanalysis.eu/



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